established 2007, registered with Architects Registration Board (ARB)


Erinvale - Jungblut

This unique property is located on the Erinvale Golf Estate - South Africa.

The yellow ribbon was an initial conception, a gesture inspired after a detailed site analysis and was eventually used in part of its form to inform the building that followed.

This was a uniquly complex building which features some extra ordinary aspects, absorbed by the comanding views and unique location.

Hook - House Harrop

Contemporary design in inception and concept stages.

The client's brief is to build a replacement dwelling on a wooded site, the site falls away to the South with splendin forest views.

Henley - Rod Eyot

Concept design for pre planning application. This was to replace an existing cottage suffering from frequent flooding. The concept was to create a building on the river island as a returning jetty which then wraps back to create living areas - a jetty as the building is raised above the flood plain on the River Thames.

Unfortunately the client couldn't secure the adjoining land parcel fronting the rear and so the project was shelved.

Wokingham - Thomas

Planning application for a new detached house, here the value of a new build as a free standing building outweighs the value of doing alterations and additions to an existing semi-detached house. So to improving the value of the neighbour's semi which is now also free standing.