Feltham - 38 - Flats

Appointed to maximise the potential of a factory building site in Feltham, this to the extend to include change of use to residential.

Various options were developed, basic feasibilities studies completed for further review.

Queens Rd - Farnborough

3 - Large Flats

Declining trade has prompted our client to consider the options on development.

Restricted parking, narrowness of the property and existing structures were all considerations in the design and application for change of use.

Pirbright - Equestrian - Glendell Livery & Stables

Achieved an earlier change of use from former pig farm to commercial horse riding school and livery in 2009.

More recently and after the success of the school, a further successful application was made to amend this to include a new improved stable block which was granted permission.

Fleet - 4 x Semi Detached 2 bed

Initial scheme was developed to try retain parts of the existing hall which had been converted to office space. After pre planning applications the scheme was reveiwed and re designed as 4 Semi Detached Homes. The change of use  achieved for the original owners who could then market the property to developers then having approved planning permission.

Pool - Multi storey flats

Was consultant to RHA in developing this project for a planning application.

Bagshot - Church Community Centre

Was consultant to RHA in developing this project from inception through tho working drawings.

Conservation Area - Listed Building - Crown Estate - Victorian Society