Each project starts with your rough idea and aspiration. Architects are trained to interpret your ideas, test your ideas and assist in developing a brief and in assessing what may or may not be possible within given constraints. Some projects are complex and may require further desktop research in establishing what further constraints that may exist.

A full architects survey is undertaken to ensure accuracy of further work through the natural progression on the work stages below.

We will engage in a number of conversations to establish what the needs and aspirations of the project are and may put aside initial assumption in testing possible outcomes. We collaborate with you the client and this is what will turn your project into the unique bespoke design it can be.

The brief and ideas are then turned into concept proposals through sketches and possible models. At this stage we also consider options on materials for construction, will advise on the need for other consultants and the scope of their services.

Your budget will be discussed and feasibilty appraisal can be applied though past experience, through square meter rates or through initial costing if choosing to negotiating a building contract.

Target stage 1: is to have the idea on what to move forward with.