Tenders will be called and on the selection of a contractor an contract will be formed between you and the contractor. The contract value will be recorded in the contract, will set out what needs to be built as listed in the documents of tender, will also set out the time allowed for the building project.

This is when operations on site can start and construction can commence.

We act as contract administrator throughout the construction period to ensure the contract is adhered to by both parties. We will have regular site meetings and monitor progress and quality of work. We will respond to queries and requests for information from the contractor, monitoring the financial aspects of the project and deal with any client variations.

There are 2 stages of completion:

We will decide if the project has reached 1 - Practical Completion and inspect the work to be ready for the client to use it for its intended purpose. The project will be inspected for defects and issue this for rectification.

Final accounts will be reconciled, all statutory approvals certificates collected and close the contract down for the 2 - Final Completion typically 90 days after practical completion.

We will ask for photo's to be taken on completion, these for our record and further marketing purposes.